Advanced automated testing for connected products

Innovative end-to-end solutions for testing interoperability and connectivity.

Advanced automated testing for connected products

Innovative end-to-end solutions for testing interoperability and connectivity.

Interoperability Testing

“Focus on interoperability and end user satisfaction is the guaranteed result”

End User Testing

Test complete product performance like an end user

testing tools for manual testing

Find hidden bugs that manual testing misses

Bluetooth Automation Testing

Understand and meet market needs globally

Bluetooth Testing

Ensure reliable performance for wireless, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interoperability

Innovative end-to-end solutions for testing interoperability and connectivity.

If you are developing connected products, consistent, reliable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless interoperability are essential. However increasing product complexity, accelerating time to market and consumer demand for simple and reliable connections make rapid and robust testing a challenge for all developers.

Nextgen is a market leader in connectivity testing and connectivity intelligence. Our advanced automated testing solutions and fault fixing analysis can be used at every stage of product development from initial specification and development, to market launch and beyond.

Integrating our automated testing solutions into your QA processes will help you take connected products to market with confidence and give end users the highest quality experience they expect.

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What our customers say

"..we know we made the right choice in selecting Nextgen as our test engineering partner, they provide exceptional depth and expertise in the field of interoperability testing."

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Create dependable connected products

We test the complete interoperability performance of hardware, software, user interface together, all elements of the complete product offering like an end user.

Wi-Fi Testing

Complete end-to-end product testing

Our end-to-end solutions for testing interoperability and connectivity, use global market knowledge and automation to test just like the end user. Nextgen help finding and fixing critical bugs that ensure great user experiences, both out of the box and throughout the product lifecycle.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity Testing

Understand how reliably your product connects to the 100 most used access points in any target region. Measure network performance factors such as time to associate, data transfer rate, co-existence and range. The perfect solution for IoT devices / connected home automation, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Mesh analysis.

Bluetooth classic and LE profile testing with powerful audio analysis

Automated testing for Bluetooth audio devices, removes the traditional challenges of manual testing to simultaneously evaluate both Bluetooth connection and audio quality. Our range of solutions for Bluetooth audio testing involve the analysis of Bluetooth audio quality and monitoring of audio streams in real-time.

Test every major mobile globally

Nextgen labs have over 5000 different mobile devices launched globally across all key markets and our library grows every day. Nextgen labs in North America, Europe, China, India, Korea and Japan have all the most important and prevalent devices to ensure your connected devices are tested with the mobiles your customers are using. Our dedicated research team helps you optimise your device selection.

Audio Testing
Bluetooth Test

Managed and robust test processes

Nextgen test processes encompass global market research, a library of key mobile phones and consumer devices across the globe. Engineering processes are precisely managed and controlled, providing complete traceability, analysis and reporting. Nextgen create consumer focused websites and results can also be published in real-time so that customers get the latest compatibility data on new releases.

Global interoperability testing

Nextgen services help you ensure the best interoperability for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity. Our tests also cover USB connections, hubs and mobile dependent services such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With over a hundred expert engineers globally, we execute test plans that meet your deadlines and project goals.

Bluetooth Connectivity Testing

Unparalleled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi testing expertise

As a member of the Bluetooth SIG since 2005 Nextgen is proud of it’s heritage in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interoperability testing services which have been helping deliver robust connected products across the world, winning the Queen’s Award in 2018 in recognition of our global contribution to better interoperability.

the Queen’s Award in 2018

Automate your Bluetooth & Wi-Fi interoperability testing with Nextgen

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