Create more robust connected products

Nextgen’s end-to-end solutions for testing interoperability and connectivity, use automation to test just like the end user, and so finds the bugs before your users do.

We test the complete interoperability performance of hardware, software, user interface together, all elements of the complete product offering like an end user.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity Testing

Understand how reliably your product connects to the 100 most used access points in any target region.

Measure network performance factors such as time to associate, data transfer rate, co-existence and range.

Ideal solution for IoT devices / connected home automation, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Mesh analysis.

Bluetooth profile testing, and audio analysis

Nextgen automated testing ensures robust performance for all Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth LE profiles.

Automated testing for Bluetooth audio devices, removes the traditional challenges for manual testing to simultaneously evaluate Bluetooth connection and audio quality.

Nextgen provide a range of solutions for Bluetooth audio testing which analyse audio quality and monitor audio streams in real-time.

Test every major mobile globally

Nextgen labs have over 5000 different mobile devices launched globally across all key markets.

Nextgen labs in North America, Europe, China, India, Korea and Japan have over 5,000 devices with more added daily. Our dedicated research team help you optimise your device selection.

Robust test automation process

Managed and robust test processes provide the key information fast.

Test processes encompass global market research, a library of key mobile phones and media players across the globe. Engineering processes are managed and controlled, providing complete traceability and reporting. Results are published in real-time to our customers' global interoperability websites.

Global Interoperability services

Nextgen services help you ensure the best interoperability for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity. Our tests also cover USB connections, hubs and services such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Nextgen has a global footprint of interoperability labs with extensive device libraries specific to each location.

Industry standard and custom tools to provide the best analysis

Our labs use a variety of standard and in-house tools to enable faster debug.

All Nextgen labs have state of the art Bluetooth and Wi-Fi analysis tools. IOTA (IOP Application) allows global managemnt of test cases and realtime reporting to maximise test quality.

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