Accelerate product testing with the
ATAM Connect test automation platform

Automated hardware testing that’s fast to learn and easy to deploy.

Accelerate product testing with the
ATAM Connect test automation platform

Automated hardware testing that’s fast to learn and easy to deploy.

Interoperability Testing

"ATAM automation finds the bugs that manual testing misses"

Automated Qa Testing

Speed up time to market with shorter QA cycles

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Quickly find bugs and use detailed debugging to fix them fast

Test Automation Platform

Fast to learn, easy to master, quick to deploy

Automated Testing Solutions

Test all product functions like an end user

Flexible and easy to use automation for hardware product testing

The pace of product development and the range of product functions and capabilities is ever increasing. QA continues to be a critical part of overall business strategy and growth. Every advantage is needed. And the single biggest tool to help achieve QA goals and zero defects is automation.

Nextgen’s innovative ATAM Connect test automation platform accelerates product development and integration by using automated testing.

Using rapid and easy to use test automation technology, ATAM Connect can shorten development cycles and increase product quality, ultimately enhancing the user experience of connected devices. ATAM Connect tests connected products using standard HMI user interfaces, just like the end user, improving the ‘out of box’ end user experience and ensuring consumer satisfaction throughout the product lifecycle.

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What our customers say

"..the automated stress tests uncovered issues with Bluetooth pairing and connection that were not discovered during our standard bench testing. ATAM is a great tool."

Senior QA Engineer   |   Consumer Electronics

ATAM Connect is automation for end-to-end product testing

Fast to learn and easy to deploy automated testing for QA, product and engineering teams.

Comprehensive automated product testing

Manual testing can miss bugs because it’s not possible to thoroughly test every aspect of a product like an end user would. ATAM Connect automated testing gives a 360 degree view of all product functions, including hardware interfaces, sensors, software and firmware, cloud connections, apps and more.

Continuous high repetition stress testing

Using deep, continuous and high repetition testing ATAM Connect carefully and repeatedly examines all product functions to identify those hard-to-find bugs that manual testing processes can miss. ATAM Connect is designed to capture and recreate the precise conditions that allow any bugs to be reproduced and eliminated.

Complex use case and event emulation

ATAM Connect automation tests the full range of normal end user interactions with a product in a single test process. For example, ATAM Connect tests automotive infotainment systems by simultaneously automating Bluetooth hands free call functions and tests audio quality, music streaming, phonebook downloads, incoming calls navigation and HMI - all tested concurrently and at the same time as might occur in real world usage. This reveals hidden issues that manual processes often miss.

Find and reproduce any bugs and failures

Reproducing bugs is the key to fixing them. ATAM Connect captures timestamped logs at every data layer including all events generated during testing, debug logs, air traces, audio analysis and more. Continuous smart video recording features mean a visual record of events and bugs is captured for analysis alongside other data.

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Fast visual automated test creation - no programming required

ATAM Connect features a graphical test creation workflow with ATAM FlexFlow™ - an intuitive visual interface that enables anyone to create automated tests with ease. ATAM FlexFlow™ is intuitive, easy to learn and doesn’t require programming knowledge. The FlexFlow drag and drop interface is designed for rapid test case development and execution and doesn’t require the development team to create scripted test cases, releasing team resources to focus on creative development work and analysis.

Managed or on-premise automated testing solutions

Our managed solutions bring our global team of expert engineers to run end-to-end testing on your behalf. This optimises your development time and resources, and helps to find, diagnose and fix issues any rapidly. Our on-premise solutions bring the power of Nextgen ATAM to your premises, allowing you to easily deploy automation to run tests that emulate end user interactions and usage patterns and build a detailed picture of product behaviour. As part of a in-house DevOps CI/CD workflow, ATAM Connect automation increases testing capacity and throughput.

Connected Product Testing

World-class automation, ATAM vision system and cobot for connected product testing

Nextgen ATAM Connect advanced automation includes vision systems and advanced cobot control options. Leveraging machine learning and AI, ATAM Connect automation with cobot and vision can be used to accurately recognise dynamic menus and options and conduct touchscreen interactions, as well as controlling physical buttons and hardware interfaces, simulating real user interactions using automation.

Putting machine learning power in the hands of any development and test team, the ATAM Connect cobot vision system allows for interactive testing which recognises and actuates on-screen menus, icons, alerts, messages.

ATAM Connect automation interacts dynamically with products to easily create test sequences which emulate end user interactions with all product functions. QA departments and developers can easily bring automation to any development or test project which can reduce test cycle times, find and reproduce bugs easily and confidently get robust products to market faster.

Automate your interoperability testing with Nextgen’s state of the art solutions

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