World-class automation

Nextgen ATAM (Automated Test Application Manager) is a unique patented automation platform that ensures hassle free set up and automated testing.

The ATAM test automation platform is a unique solution developed by Nextgen to accelerate development and integration testing.
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Automated testing made simple

ATAM uses FlexFlow, a script-less test case creation methodology that is designed to be intuitive enough for anyone to create advanced test automation projects. No coding required.

FlexFlow helps to efficiently model test cases reducing validation and launch times.

Nextgen test automation is designed to free engineering personnel to focus on the technical analysis and banish manual button pushing.

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Do more with automation

ATAM automation tests months of usage in hours and replicates extended periods of connections and usage. ATAM automation allows insights into performance throughout the product lifecycle.

ATAM automation enhances existing test environments. Integration with 3rd party tools such as deployment servers and Bluetooth protocol analysers provide streamlined testing environments and deeper analysis of use cases to provide new levels of insight.

End to end test automation for all

Catch every real-world issue by testing the entire product like an end user. Using ATAM the QA test team don’t need programming skills to create tests, allowing everyone to create sophisticated test programs.

ATAM automated testing provides a holistic view of all product functions, including hardware interfaces, sensors, software and firmware, cloud connections, apps to build robust products that delight end users.

Test automation that’s fast to learn and quick to deploy.

Automated testing that is easy to use and deploy, with intuitive drag and drop interface and preconfigured test modules to run right out of the box.

Quick to learn and no coding needed, your automated test plan is running and generating valuable results in just days.

Automated cobot testing Experts

You can do more faster with collaborative robot (cobot) testing. Nextgen is a leading global manufacturer of test automation and cobot systems for connected product developers.

Nextgen ATAM cobot automation enables new test methods and techniques to test products just like an end user and helps bring your products to life faster.

Collaborative Robot. Cobot.

Fast, accurate and never needs to stop.

Cobot product testing emulates end user interactions and usage patterns to build an detailed picture of product behaviour.

Using a selection of typical use cases, cobot control and machine learning rapidly simulate end user interactions to ensure the best ‘out of box’ experience in the real world.

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