Automotive connectivity solved

Nextgen services ensure the best interoperability performance from your connected platforms.

Nextgen's global footprint of interoperability labs feature extensive mobile device libraries specific to each location and region. Our global interoperability service ensures that any infotainment platform achieves maximum performance in all countries and markets.

Build the most reliable connected car

Learn how your system will function after months of customer usage in only hours by using automated testing. Nextgen's unique ATAM (Automated Test Application Manager) is a patented automation platform that ensures defect free connectivity.

Create complex automated testing with ease, no need to learn a new programming language. The ATAM test automation platform is a unique solution to accelerate automotive infotainment development and interoperability testing. ATAM uses a scriptless test methodology to efficiently model test cases that accurately emulate end user interactions. High repetition test scenarios help to model user interactions over the product lifetime.

Perfect Smartphone Projection

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay certification is in high demand. Nextgen pre-certification testing ensures your infotainment system is ready to pass.

Nextgen’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay pre-certification service is designed to help ensure your system is ready to pass the certification process on time and on budget. With over 400+ CarPlay test cases and full suite of Android Auto pre-certification testing, Nextgen will help ensure your infotainment system is ready for market.

The right tools for deep analysis

Our global labs utilise both industry standard and advanced in-house analysis tools to highlight issues rapidly and enable faster debug.

All Nextgen labs are equipped with state of the art Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi analysis tools, augmented by analysis and control of automotive CAN and LIN protocols giving end-to-end coverage. Nextgen IOTA (IOP Test Application) allows global management of test cases and real-time reporting to maximise test quality. Nextgen shares several analytics tools for customer use. Some examples are Nextgen Sentinel, an Android and iOS monitoring and logging app that helps characterise wireless performance, and Nextgen CQS (Call Quality System) that allows multiple calls to be recorded and analysed for audio quality metrics.

Test every major mobile globally

Nextgen labs have all major devices launched globally across key markets.

Nextgen labs in North America, Europe, China, India, Korea and Japan and hold over 5,000 devices with more added daily. Our expert market research team help you optimise the device selection for the most relevant devices and maximise test coverage.

We share your world view

Our global IOP labs are always local to your development teams and customers.

Nextgen labs are located in all key regions and connected by IOTA cloud infrastructure to ensure consistent test processes and data management. Our teams use local devices, knowledge and expertise to meet your local and global goals.

Help and assistance for your customers worldwide

Inform customers fast using Nextgen website services. We publish the latest Interoperability information for new devices and vehicles in real time.

Nextgen has a dedicated website solutions team to keep your customers up to date on the latest interoperability help for their in-vehicle system. Our IOTA data management solution enables test data to be approved and published rapidly across regions and in multiple languages.

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