Find and fix automotive connectivity issues with automotive software test automation

Robust automotive connectivity testing that ensures long term customer satisfaction from connected car technology.

Find and fix automotive connectivity issues with automotive software test automation

Robust automotive connectivity testing that ensures long term customer satisfaction from connected car technology.

20% of consumers report Bluetooth pairing and connection as their top automotive issue

J D Power Survey

Shorten QA cycles with 24/7 automation

Achieve optimal infotainment system performance

Reduce in-market interoperability issues

Take connected vehicles to-market with confidence

Automotive connectivity testing challenges solved

With every vehicle manufacturer placing the mobile phone at the heart of in-car entertainment, connectivity reliability is now a pre-requisite in maintaining customer satisfaction.

With a long track history in working with some of the world's leading automotive brands, Nextgen's automated connectivity testing services robustly test bluetooth, WiFi and mobile devices to ensure optimal in-vehicle interoperabiltiy performance.

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What our customers say

"Wow.. ! Thanks for reproducing this issue and such a detailed report. I've forwarded your analysis to our chip vendor. We had been unable to identify the root cause, but with your support we can find the underlying causes and release a better product."

Program Manager   |   Automotive OEM

Best in class automotive connectivity testing solutions

Discover the hard to find bugs and in-car connectivity issues faster with Nextgen's unique automated testing platform (ATAM).


Complex automated testing with ease

Test months of customer usage in hours. ATAM uses a scriptless test methodology to efficiently model test cases that accurately emulate in-car end user interactions. High repetition test scenarios help to model user interactions over the lifetime of a vehicle.

Perfect smartphone projection

With a complete range of Apple CarPlay precertification test cases and suite of Android Auto pre-certification testing, our wireless and USB Android Auto and Apple CarPlay pre-certification services are designed to help ensure your system is ready to pass the certification process on time and on budget.


State of the art analysis tools

All Nextgen labs are equipped with state of the art Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi analysis tools, augmented by analysis and control of automotive CAN and LIN protocols for end-to-end coverage. Test cases are managed globally and real time reporting is provided globally to maximise test quality.

End-to-end testing coverage

Our global footprint of interoperability labs feature extensive mobile device libraries specific to each location and region. Our global interoperability service ensures that any infotainment platform achieves maximum performance in all countries and markets.


Worldwide assistance for customers

Nextgen has a dedicated website solutions team to keep your customers up to date on the latest interoperability help for their in-vehicle system. Our IOTA data management solution enables test data to be approved and published rapidly across regions and in multiple languages.

Nextgen Automotive Expertise

Working with car makers for over 15 years, Nextgen helps OEMs to ensure car owners get the best experience from the in car technology. Nextgen helps ensure interoperability with the latest mobile devices during infotainment development and through on-going market testing.

Testing the detailed performance of the infotainment system with global mobile phones used to be a manual test process. Cruicially manual testing does not find all the issues. Five years ago Nextgen changed the face of in-car interoperablity by introducing automated testing using Nextgen ATAM automation.

Nextgen automated infotainment test service covers the key areas of consumer feedback with advanced reliablity and connectivity testing to ensure the consumer enjoys a seamless in-car experience.

Take your automotive connectivity testing to new levels

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