Smart tools for smart systems

Nextgen Test and Automation services use the latest patented automation technology to control the virtual and physical interfaces of smart systems.

Nextgen has a global footprint of interoperability labs with extensive device libraries specific to each location. Our test services enable us to ensure that any smart system is thoroughly tested including physical interfaces such as Audio and Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee), apps and cloud.

Complexity, simplified

Nextgen ATAM (Automated Test Application Manager) is a patented automation platform that ensures 'deep dive' testing of connected systems to build stability and reliability.

The ATAM test automation platform is a unique solution developed by Nextgen to accelerate the development of smart connected systems. Its capabilities include control of iOS and Android mobile devices and multiple I/O options allow almost any test configuration.

Test every major mobile globally

Nextgen labs have all major devices launched globally across key markets.

NextGen labs in North America, Europe, China, India, Korea and Japan and hold over 5,000 devices with more added daily. Our expert market research team help you optimise the device selection for the most relevant devices and maximise test coverage.

We share your world view

Our global IOP labs are always local to your development teams and customers.

Nextgen labs are located in all key regions and connected by IOTA cloud infrastructure to ensure consistent test processes and data management. Our teams use local devices, knowledge and expertise to meet your local and global goals.

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