Create better connected products with automated testing

Our fast, reliable and cost-effective automated interoperability testing helps businesses create better connected products.

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Create better connected products with automated testing

Our fast, reliable and cost-effective automated interoperability testing helps businesses create better connected products.

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Our Clients

"..we know we made the right choice in selecting Nextgen as our test engineering partner, they provide exceptional depth and expertise in the field of interoperability testing."

Development Director   |   Silicon Systems OEM

"..the automated stress tests uncovered issues with Bluetooth pairing and connection that were not discovered during our standard bench testing. ATAM is a great tool."

Senior QA Engineer   |   Consumer Electronics

Market-leading automated testing solutions

We can run full end-to-end interoperability testing on your behalf, or you can use our innovative automated testing products on-premise to speed up and improve product development and quality assurance.

Managed automated testing services

Do you have a connected product that needs robust, reliable testing?
Using our powerful automated testing solutions, our experienced team of expert engineers will run end-to-end testing on your behalf. We'll quickly identify bugs and interoperability issues to optimise your time and efficiency.

On-premise automated testing products

Looking to take your in-house interoperability quality assurance to the next level with automated testing?
Nextgen's ATAM and Cobot on-premise automated testing solutions help you improve product quality, free up engineering personnel to focus on the technical analysis and banish manual button pushing.

Create better connected products

Automated testing gives you the advantage when creating and continuously improving connected products.

human interaction
Simulate human interaction

Test like a human but faster with 24/7 automation. Flexible interface options enable you to control virtually any user interface just like an end user.

Find hidden bugs

Our automation plans test every function of connected products. High repetition and deep pattern testing reveals the hidden bugs which manual testing can miss.

Better test coverage

Maximise the breadth and depth of your testing coverage to locate issues before your customers find them. Rapidly test more devices and more product functions to ensure optimum performance.

Faster testing

Test up to 10x faster using automated testing which fully explores all product functions. ATAM automation allows you to test a months worth of consumer usage in hours.

Emulate complex events

Test complex scenarios which simulate real world usage and the broad range of end user interactions. Simultaneous testing of features and functions in parallel quickly achieves a depth of coverage that can't be matched.

Increase team efficiency

Remove repetitive manual button pushing, increase QA team efficiency and fix product issues faster. Automated testing plans can be deployed within 1-2 weeks.

What we test

Our automated testing solutions accelerate development and integration testing across a wide range of connected products.


Reliable WiFi interoperability testing and analysis for IOT devices, connected home automation, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Mesh products.

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Remove the traditional challenges of manual testing by using automation to simultaneously evaluate Bluetooth connection and audio quality.

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Smart Devices

Thoroughly test any smart device for high performance including physical interfaces such as Audio and Wireless, apps and cloud.

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Mobile Phones & Apps

Our extensive library of over 5,000 devices ensures your hardware or app software can be comprehensively tested on all relevant devices across multiple territories.

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IoT Ecosystems

Test the interoperability performance of IOT platforms, applications and solutions in diverse environments to reliably meet quality standards and regulations.

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Automated testing for your industry

We are a global team of highly experienced specialists in the business of mobile, automotive, networks & connectivity testing.

Consumer Electronics & IoT

Avoid in-market connectivity issues by finding and fixing bugs before launch. Improve customer satisfaction and ship products with confidence.

Mobile & Apps

Using real devices with seamless automation, simulate end user interactions to ensure mobile apps and services work for every user, everytime.


Achieve maximum interoperability performance from your infotainment platform in all countries and markets.

Case Studies: Automated testing in action