Test years of Wi-Fi usage in days

Automated Wi-Fi validation and interoperablity for the real world. Use automation to understand your Wi-Fi product functionality by testing with a wide variety of Wi-Fi consumer level access points and hardware.

Understand how your Wi-Fi enabled products will behave in the hands of the consumer. Catch bugs early in the development cycle by using automated testing to ensure defect free product launches.

Nextgen ATAM automated Wi-Fi testing. Identify and fix hard to find Wi-Fi bugs using automated testing.

Precisely controlled automated Wi-Fi testing using high repetition stress testing and complex use case modelling to locate interoperablity and performance bugs.

Nextgen Wi-Fi automated testing brings new insight into Wi-Fi product performance. Test wireless range, SSID and channels for transmission speed and bandwidth metrics. Automated configuration of Wi-Fi router security settings provides metrics including DHCP and IPv6, test MAC restrictions and WPA3 security characterisation.

A library of every major Wi-Fi AP and latest client consumer technology

Latest Wi-Fi 6 and mesh consumer and enterprise access points headline our comprehensive Wi-Fi device library.

Our market research team ensure that all global market specific APs are available for testing. With more than 80 Wi-Fi access points and over 4500 Wi-Fi client devices, including PC's, Android and Apple iOS mobile devices and tablets, leverage Wi-Fi automated tests that model real world usage. Test coexistence with RF transmitters and tabulate RF interference.

Wi-Fi performance metrics with automated control

Nextgen ATAM automation supports API integration with Wi-Fi analysers and network sniffing tools that operate at platform, transport and protocol levels.

Performance metrics and peak bandwith characterisations. Test protocol interoperability and network loading. Application layer streaming media testing including audio analysis. Automated control of tools provide compiled test results and comprehensive analysis reports that provides deep insight into Wi-Fi performance and real world use.

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